Deluxe Bitsbox

The fun of coding fueled by getting presents in the mail

The hard part about teaching kids to code isn't getting them interested, it's keeping them interested. Our deluxe box is the perfect jolt of fun to keep your young coder engaged.

Every month, a beautiful set of app creation projects will appear on your doorstep with a new theme (animals, robots, pranks, etc.), new types of apps, and new things the kids are learning.

  • App projects that ramp up every month
  • Binder, toys, stickers, tattoos, and more
  • Collectible trading cards (5 extra projects every month!)
  • Best for kids who are motivated by presents (and who isn't?)

Shipping is FREE within the U.S.A.
Canadian customers pay $10/mo for shipping.
All other countries pay $18/mo for shipping.

All subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel any time.

"My kids spent 6 hours playing with Bitsbox last night. They've been playing with Scratch and, but they felt that this was much cooler and loved the fact they were writing real code." Brandon Seils, New York

What comes in the Deluxe Bitsbox?

Bitsbox Binder

Every few months, we'll send a new, leveled binder to organize all of your super cards.

The binder has pockets in the front and back to store your "extras" like trading cards and stickers.

(Awesome, extra items are available in our shop!)

Bitsbox Supercards

Every professionally printed, full-color, heavy-duty Bitsbox Supercard set includes new projects every month.

Apps range from simple two-liners to full-on games with amazing graphics and hilarious sound effects.

Challenge Item

Every box includes an extra piece to support your programmer as they get more confident.

Our trading cards are the perfect tool. Each card has it's own app with more advanced concepts.

Progress Stickers

What kid doesn't love stickers? Get three full sheets of 20 color stickers that match the apps in the set of Super Cards.

We've heard from lots of parents who use a sticker chart to track their kids’ progress through the apps in the Super Cards.

Temporary Tattoos

Bitsbox kids are very proud of their app-making abilities—what better way to tell the world you're a coder than with skin art?

Made by Tattly, our tattoos use only non-toxic, vegetable-based inks. Two sheets of tattoos in every Bitsbox.

Mystery Toy

We heard somewhere that kids love toys, so we decided to incorporate one. Each toy relates to the theme of that month's shipment.

It's not every day your kid gets mail, but it could be every month (and wouldn't it be more exciting with a toy?).

Real Code

Bitsbox teaches programming with honest-to-goodness code that kids type in using a keyboard—just like the pros do.

"I've got to say, my daughter is loving her first Bitsbox. I work to get her to think about what the programs will do, and encourage her to play around with changes. I am really impressed by the platform and definitely want to keep her moving forward." Scott Bradley, Illinois

Deluxe Bitsbox Pricing

All subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel any time.