Frequently Asked Questions

What age is Bitsbox for?

Bitsbox is designed for kids 6-12 years in age.

How your kids engage with Bitsbox will depend on their age, of course. If your kiddo is 6 or 7, they may choose shorter projects and make simpler customizations. Older kids will do the projects faster and need less help.

Does Bitsbox allow for multiple siblings?

Yes! If your kids can share toys, they can share Bitsbox. Each kiddo can make their own coding account online for free, so they each have their own virtual tablet and coding space. They can then take turns with the app projects.

What kind of computer do I need?

Bitsbox works on any computer with a web browser. A Mac, Windows PC, Linux machine, or Chromebook works great. Bitsbox works inside a webpage and doesn't require any downloads. Even though it's theoretically possible for kids to do Bitsbox on a tablet or iPad, we'd recommend using a machine with a physical keyboard—typing a set of {} on an iPad is an ordeal, even for grownups.