Basic Bitsbox

Guided learning for ages 6-12

Every month, a beautiful set of app creation projects will appear on your kiddo's doorstep. Each month is a new theme (animals, robots, pranks, etc.) with new types of apps and new things the kids are learning.

  • App projects that ramp up every month
  • Beautiful binder to organize your stuff
  • Best overall value
  • Great for kids who are motivated by making

Shipping is FREE within the U.S.A.
Canadian customers pay $5/mo for shipping.
All other countries pay $8/mo for shipping.

All subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel any time.

"Wow! Thank you so much! My son had surgery, so he's on very limited activity while he heals. He's spending lots of time on Bitsbox code. Just thought I'd share so you could see how your kind gift truly means so much to him." Amy Simko, Michigan

What comes in the Basic Bitsbox?

Bitsbox Binder

Every few months, we'll send a new, leveled binder to organize all of your super cards.

The binder has pockets in the front and back to store your "extras" like trading cards and stickers.

(Awesome, extra items are available in our shop!)

Bitsbox Supercards

Every professionally printed, full-color, heavy-duty Bitsbox Supercard set includes new projects every month.

Apps range from simple two-liners to full-on games with amazing graphics and hilarious sound effects.

Real Code

Bitsbox teaches programming with honest-to-goodness code that kids type in using a keyboard—just like the pros do.

"My son is 8, reading and writing English still is a bit of a problem. Consider it as spending some quality time to walk him through the instructions and translate. He's learning coding and English and he loves it." Jurgen Schepens, Belgium

Basic Bitsbox Pricing

All subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel any time.