Three Tasty Options

Next Bitsboxes ship November 17th! Order fast, before we sell out!

Basic Bitsbox

$29.95/month or less

Guided learning for ages 6-14.

  • App projects that ramp up every month
  • Beautiful binder to organize your stuff
  • Monthly guide for grownups
  • App completion stickers to keep track of your projects

Deluxe Bitsbox

$44.95/month or less

All the coding, extra tchotchkes.

  • Same app projects as the basic box
  • Binder, toys, stickers, tattoos, and more
  • Collectible trading cards
  • Best for kids who are motivated by presents (and who isn't?)

Digital Bitsbox


No paper, same silly fun.

  • Same app projects, but they arrive via email
  • You can print them out or work on screen
  • Least expensive subscription
  • Great for customers outside the U.S.