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Bitsbox Coding Project Books

Unit 4: Simple Functions

40 pages | wire-o spiral bound | full color
10 Copies + 1 Educator's Guide

Bitsbox Coding Project Books are perfect for classrooms, libraries, maker spaces, after-school programs, and other groups of students. Unit 4: Simple Functions introduces custom functions to make reusing code easier and shows how to use the Bitsbox repeat and delay commands.

Units 4-9, coding super cards available in multi-packs

"I am a middle school computers teacher in upstate New York (suburban Rochester). My students are animated and excited about Bitsbox in a way I haven't seen with the other programs. They are THRILLED with their successes. And I am so proud of their learning! Thank you so much for giving my students a real coding experience!" Susan Mietus, New York

What's in the Coding Project Books?

Each book introduces a new fundamental computer science concept, with subsequent books spiraling back to previously-seen concepts and coding commands. Each set of books includes a unit-specific Educator's Guide with line-by-line code explanations, challenge solutions, and journaling suggestions for each app project.

Units 4-9, coding super cards available in multi-packs

"We had our first club and the students loved it! They hated to stop when it was over. I am so impressed by your product. I will be sharing your company with all my friends and colleagues!" Jenni Shaver, Georgia