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Bitsbox: The Complete Set, Levels 1-24


Product Description

Give twenty four levels of Bitsbox all at once!

150+ inspiring app coding projects come packed in one huge box! Includes, 24 Grownup Guides (one for each level), 12 sticker sheets for tracking progress, 4 Bitsbox Apper Keeper binders to store your stuff, separate coding accounts for every learner in the family, and unlimited email support for asking coding questions!

Includes free shipping in the US!

Levels include:

Level 1: Coordinates & Graphics Commands
Level 2: Variables & Simple Methods
Level 3: Conditionals & Screen Interactions
Level 4: Simple Functions & Timing Commands
Level 5: Animation Loops & Collisions
Level 6: Multi-Object Control with find & forEach
Level 7: Arrays & Simple Array Commands
Level 8: Incrementing & More Screen Interactions
Level 9: Logical Operators & More Conditionals
Level 10: Functions with Passed Parameters
Level 11: String Manipulation & User Text Input
Level 12: Hashes & More Array Commands
Level 13: Assembling Long Apps
Level 14: Dates & Times
Level 15: For Loops
Level 16: Loops with Custom Timing
Level 17: Gravity
Level 18: Local Data Storage
Level 19: Keyboard Input
Level 20: Platformer Games
Level 21: Logic Flags
Level 22: Game Extensions
Level 23: Object Properties
Level 24: 3D and Perspective

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