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Bitsbox: Super Powers


Product Description

Have you ever wished you had super powers? Maybe the ability to fly? Shoot lasers from your eyes? Spin your own spider web? In this month’s Bitsbox, Super Powers, you’ll do all of those things and more, because you DO have a rare and powerful talent. Coding is a super power!

This Bitsbox coding kit includes:

  • Full-color activity book with 18 app projects ranging from very simple (2 lines of code) to very challenging (64 lines of code)
  • Set of colorful Bitsbox stickers
  • Set of skin-friendly Bitsbox temporary tattoos
  • Your own super hero cape to help you embody your alter-ego
  • A set of Bitsbox trading cards with even more app building projects
  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard packing material

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