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Bitsbox is a crazyfun way for kids to learn real coding.
A new coding concept every month
Perfect for curious kids 6 to 12 years old
Kids' apps work on real phones and tablets
Unlimited email help with any subscription
Free separate coding accounts for siblings
Bitsbox Level 1 teaches coordinates.
Bitsbox Level 2 teaches variables.
Bitsbox Level 3 teaches conditionals.
Bitsbox Level 4 teaches functions.
Bitsbox Level 5 teaches motion loops.
Bitsbox Level 6 teaches forEach.
Bitsbox Level 7 teaches simple arrays.
Bitsbox Level 8 teaches incrementing.
Bitsbox Level 9 teaches operators.
Bitsbox Level 10 teaches parameters.
Bitsbox Level 11 teaches strings.
Bitsbox Level 12 teaches hashes.
Bitsbox Level 13 and beyond teaches advanced apps.
Choose from three brilliant options.

Basic Bitsbox

from $24.95/month

Crazyfun coding projects delivered monthly!


Deluxe Bitsbox

from $37.95/month

Bitsbox with extra apps and goodies!


Digital Bitsbox

from $16.95/month

Download PDFs that you print yourself!